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Where: Dallas, Tx at Club Malibu

When: 12th January 2017

Where:Overland Park, Ks at Club Roxy

When: 13th January 2017

Where:E. St. Louis, Ill

When: 14 January 2017

Where: Venue Shrine Tulsa ,Ok

When: 15th January 2017

Where:Ft. Worth, Tx

When: 3rd February 2017

I’m Baby Savage

Originally from Baton Rouge, Louisiana, I moved to Mansfield, Louisiana at the age of 14. I began selling drugs in an area known as the hood. This is where I was was initiated into a local gang. Following initiation a close friend taught me about crack cocaine. I learned the drug game and made $2,000 in less than 1 week. Years later I became known as one of the biggest drug dealers of the area. I easily made $150,000 a year until my long time friend became a confidential informant. He assisted the task force in an 18 month investigation to bring me down..

After the investigation I was proscecuted and incarcerated. While in prision I was shipped to several facilitiesdue to my aggressive nature, and accusations that I was running drugs from inside prision. After being in solitude for 7 months for bad behavior, I was shipped to a maximum security prision.

This is where I educated myself furthur in business, speech, accounting, finances, and the Bible. I renewed my mind for re-entry into society to be an asset to myself and the world. I'm applying the same barbaric savagery hustle as I did in the streets into the film and music industry. My hard work ethic has led me to approaching sales of 26,000 DVD's of Baby Savage; A Decade of Dope, Deception, and Destruction, independently. My second album sold 50,000 copies through retailers such as gas stations, music stores, and online. I have worked with many artists such as Flip, Gunplay, Mike Jones, and Slim Thug just to name a few. I have also been featured on The Breakfast Club, Respect and XXL Magazines. I'm known as The God of Grind and my motto is " There's no such thing as failure, only the failure to try"

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